Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Exclusive App for Live Broadcasting on London The Olympic Games 2012 Coming from BBC

As the world's biggest news corporation, BBC released the application based on iOS and Android platform right before the opening of 2012 London Olympics, supporting up to 24 games live broadcast. Once the app is installed, it can notify the latest match status and switch to any game process at will.

BBC announced that the goal of the application is to achieve live broadcast the London Olympic Games content, release the scoring results at the first time and set specific page for each participated country. At the appointed time, users only need to login in this page and get access to the country's awards and events forecast.

In May this year, BBC has started "the first digital Olympic Games" plan. It is said then 24 live flow channels will be supported within 4 large screen. That is to say, the audience can decide when and where to watch which game: PC, smartphone, tablet, TV, PS3 or BBC red button.

During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, BBC provided 6 extra live broadcast channels and during 2012 London Olympic Games the channels will be four times as the previous one. The total time of the 24 channels will be 2500 hours. And PC, tablet, mobile phone, and TV users can get news the first time.

American TV network NBC and Adobe announced partnership, trying to set up the similar Olympic coverage alliance in the United States. At present the application supports iOS 5.0 or above, Android 2.2 or above.

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